Monday, May 16, 2016

Ellenville Farmers' Market 2012-2015

The idea of staging a farmers’ market in Ellenville is not new, but only now is a twenty-week market season being prepared by a manager with full-time dedication.
A group of horticulturalists combined part-time to set up a small farmers’ market here in 2001. However, the initiative struggled over a five-year period to retain vendors in viable number, and preparations for the 2006 market season were abandoned.
A second management team re-launched market trading in 2008, achieving a faithful local support. The facebook group at that time summarized the market:
“Open rain or shine, the Ellenville Farmers' Market is a small, family friendly market in the heart of Ellenville, featuring fresh locally grown produce and regional products from Hudson Valley growers.”
Division among that team regarding operational strategy contributed to the market’s deterioration during the 2012 season. The management team fell apart and Ellenville Farmers’ Market closed for the three years, 2013-15.

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