Sunday, June 21, 2009

Soggy Veggies

It must be a good sign... the incessant rain of almost biblical proportions (to quote a Rondout Valley Organics customer) took a break today, for the season opener of the Ellenville Farmers Market. Ponchos were shed and folks strolled and chatted and enjoyed the bounty of our local producers. Miss Susan from the Ellenville Public Library & Museum signed kids up for the summer reading program, while Cornell Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners shared their wisdom. So nice to hang out and meet up with neighbors & friends! Julianna, Paul and Danylo liked the added treat of book-browsing and buying at the Hunt Memorial Building down the street.
Here at Rusty Plough Farm, fields are still soppy and muddy. Only the weeds and the ducks are enjoying this, while our veggies sit tight and wait for the sun in order to grow. The weeds know they're ahead, since we can't cultivate in all that mud. The now-preteen seedlings in the greenhouse get leggy and awkward, as they await the space to spread their roots and wings in the fields. Until next week...

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